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Private London Photography Tour

£205.00 GBP

On the banks of river Thames are some of the most important and photographed attractions in London (Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Bridge, Millennium Bridge, St Paul Cathedral, Tower Bridge) In this tour, we will focus on creativity and we will photograph them in a different way using various techniques.

I have already scouted London for the unique vantage points for you. Apart from the classic images, you will have unique images from your trip.

I will show you how to capture the magic of the city and give you tips & tricks to make the image better.
Even if you are an amateur or an advanced photographer on vacation, this 3-hour tour will provide something useful for you. You will learn how to set the camera, how to compose an image, interpreting a histogram and many other great tips along the way.

During the tour, you will have my feedback on the images you take.

Please, bring your filters (neutral density and polarizer) and a tripod if you have.

Duration - 4 hours

Using Format