London Bridges

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Thirty-four bridges span the Thames in London. Each one has its own history and is worth seeing. Many of them are worth photographing. I prefer to photograph them at night or at the blue hour. Just half an hour after the sunset or before the sunrise. Using different shutter speeds allows to control the texture of the water. A longer shutter speed for smoother water and a faster shutter speed for more texture and detail.

View from the Sky Garden

1. Tower Bridge - London's defining landmark. The bridge usually opens at least once a day and if you’re a boat that requires an opening, you need to book it in advance. The bascules are raised around 1000 times a year. You can see when the Bridge will open next on its website

Long Exposure using a 10-stops ND filter.

Yes, you can can see snow in London sometimes

Tower bridge in summer with flowers in the foreground

6 seconds exposure for the light trails

Photo of Tower Bridge taken from London Bridge

The girl and the dolphin statue

200mm lens compressed the perspective and the Walkie-Talkie building looks closer to the bridge

This is a panorama composed of 3 vertical images.

2. London Bridge. The Romans built the first version of what was to become London Bridge There have been many reincarnations of London Bridge since then. Early versions of the bridge were susceptible to fire, storms, and occasional invading armies.

a 2 minutes exposure using a 10-stops ND filter

3. Southwark bridge. By the early 19th century London Bridge was getting increasingly busy and in May 1811 a Parliamentary Bill was passed to build a new bridge a quarter of a mile west of it. The new bridge was called Southwark Bridge after the area on the south bank of which Southwark Cathedral forms part.

Beautiful bridge, especially at night. The lights are changing and you can get different colours of the bridge.

photo tour in London photographing the Southwark bridge

4. Westminster Bridge. The bridge is painted predominantly green, the same colour as the leather seats in the House of Commons which is on the side of the Palace of Westminster nearest to the bridge, but a natural shade similar to verdigris. This is in contrast to Lambeth Bridge, which is red, the same colour as the seats in the House of Lords and is on the opposite side of the Houses of Parliament.

5. Lambeth Bridge. Lambeth Bridge is found near Horseferry Road which is named after the old horse ferry that for centuries linked Lambeth to Westminster.

6. Hammersmith Bridge. Just 12 feet (3.6m) at high tide, this it the lowest bridge over the river Thames. It's London's weakest bridge. It was built in 1887 and it was designed for horses, carts and penny farthing bicycle. The bridge currently operates under severe weight restrictions. Only one bus in each direction permitted on the bridge at any one time.

7. Millennium Bridge. The Millennium Bridge is a footbridge across the River Thames, located between Southwark Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. It lies on a direct line between the Tate Modern Gallery and St Paul’s Cathedral, two of the most famous London landmarks.

Thames at the low tide provide amazing photography opportunities

Photo of Millennium Bridge taken at Night photography tour in London

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