Where to see and to photograph the best Christmas lights in London? Here are my top 3 locations

The city looks amazing when all lit up and one of my favourite things is to take a wander around town. London takes on a very magical appearance at Christmas time. As twilight falls, the streets come alive with a host of twinkling lights. Exploring and photographing the different displays makes for a fantastic evening experience. In my view, the best time to do it is during the blue hour. Just a half an hour after the sunset. A tripod could be very helpful. Below are my 3 favourite spots for photographing Christmas lights in London. The photos in this post are of the 2017 and 2018 Christmas lights. Displays change every year.

1. Oxford Street

Probably the most famous in the capital, the Oxford Street lights never fail to impress eager shoppers. Every year they are usually in collaboration with a movie or a charity. The Oxford Street lights are usually the first to switch on in London in the first half of November. It is accompanied by special entertainment, in-store promotions, and performances. The big switch-on ceremony attracts about 1 million people.