Private London Night Photography Tour

Discover London through the lens of your camera.


I have already diligently scouted London for the unique vantage points for you. During the 3-hour walking tour, I share these privileged corners of London along with various, must have, techniques so you can shoot your own stunning photographs.


I will direct you to the most appropriate locations for each picture, instruct you and provides you with feedback regarding composition and the settings of your camera.


We will photograph the main attractions in different creative ways, using various techniques, the movement of the iconic London Eye, the reflections of the city lights, the colourful bridges and the tracing lights of London double-decker buses at night.


Through our tour, we will switch from Automatic mode to Manual mode of your camera. We will work on composition and technical aspects to encourage your creativity. You only need to bring your camera and a pair of good walking shoes.

Price -  £205

Duration - 3hours